About Us


Who we are?

At Touch and Please we are committed to providing happines for your sexual pleasure, meaning that sex is something to be enjoyed and have products available to anyone. 

Touch and Please wants to make buying sec toys a fun, welcoming and pleasurable experience. We believe, the days of buying sex toys as taboo, are gone. Secual pleasure is something to be enjoyed whether individually or as a couple, and we think our wide range of sex toys with big names can enahnce that pleasure and provide that extra bit of happiness into your sexuality.

With that being said in 2016 Touch and Please set up their website aiming to provide a comfortable and welcoming experience appealling to all sexualities, genders and relationshop types. Alongside providing all o fthis with next day delivery in discreet plain packaging, with secure payments, heck we will even throw in free batteries where required on certain products.



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